Google Pixel 4 Specification Features Full Info

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There is the pixel 4 Pixel 4 XL. Absolutely everything we know about these phones right before the launch. So the pixel 4XL really is different in absolutely every aspect from we got last year starting off with the upgraded processor the Snapdragon eight five five, not the eight five five plus but not the Very latest chipset, but I don't think there's too much difference in normal daily usage between those two chipsets and you are going to get slightly better battery life out of the eight five five. It's coming with 6 gigabytes of RAM, which is a bump up from last year's four gigabytes and it's coming with 64 or 128 gigabytes storage options. 64 gigabytes doesn't sound a lot but actually Google do give you unlimited free storage space for photos, which is a really Good thing and of course six gigabytes is not as much as you can get in some other Android phones, but one of the main selling points of any pixel phone is that you are getting Pure Stock Android right out of the box. 

Google Pixel 4 Battery 

Google Pixel 4  Specs Features Full Info ,

The battery is 3700 milliamp hours again, not the biggest battery, but the way Google make the phones and how they optimize the operating system. This is going to give you very decent battery life something that might drain the battery though and is a big step up and change from 

Google Pixel 4 Display Features

Here is the screen. It's a six point two inch display. This is a 2K display LED panel and with 90 hurts refresh rate to we have just black clearly why it's and oh, so orange leaked marketing images and marketing materials from Google themselves show the phones in all their Glory

Google Pixel 4 Camera Features 

 the camera bump on the back has changed to we've got this Square layout that houses the same 12 megapixel main sensor, but Google have added a 16-megapixel. Photo lens this year. We've seen a definite Trend towards ultra-wide cameras on phones as the second shooter. Most Chinese manufacturers now are including ultra-wide cameras in their phones and the iPhone 11, for example, which this would be in competition with has an ultra wide and drops the telephoto. We had a ton of leaks and images actually shot with the pixel that will be used for promotion and the shots look absolutely fantastic the biggest takeaway. That I found from the shops is just how now. Truly look how much natural depth and dynamic range in general the colors. Look fantastic very poppy, but not overly saturated incredibly natural just like an actual camera took them. Google will apparently add Jewel exposure controls as well when you're taking photos. So according to this league you can actually change the exposure of both the highlights and the lowlights separately when you're taking photos that gives you an incredible amount of control. Over how the photo actually looks other modes that will be added to the pixel 4 series our astrophotography mode where it will actually give you a decent looking shot of the Galaxy. If you just point your phone up at the sky at night motion mode will also come which will help us take photos of very fast-moving objects. Google are including something called the neural core in the pixel 4 this year. This is a bit of Hardware inside the phone that really helps with HDR when taking photos switches If the reason why Google pixel photos look so good. It's been so successful that apple have included a similar function in this year's a 13 ship which they call the profusion 

Google Pixel 4 Design 

For front design definitely is not the most modern. If you're looking at the competition we do have however a ton of Technology up there that is going to improve the functions of the phone the first one and the main one for me. Anyway is the inclusion of stereo speakers.

Google Pixel 4 Unlocking Technology 

 There's also A 3D face unlocking technology, which is extremely similar to what we get on the iPhone. This will be the way that you're going to have to unlock the phone this year. Google have also added payment functions with 3D face ID. Google are also including Solly in this year's pixel 4 the first time. Although what we've seen from leaks is that this technology for the moment anyway

Google Pixel 4 Other Best And Special  Features

 doesn't have too much functionality. You can turn off alarms turn off alerts wake the phone just Waving your hand over the phone Google have also apparently improved Google Assistant, which is now clever thanks to leaks. We see that the Google system really is almost instantaneous and responding to you. Now, it can also work with way more applications than it could do last time around the prices for both of those this year will be staying virtually the same if we can believe these leaked Canadian prices, but obviously we've seen a ton of hardware and software improvements in the ferns. Hopefully Google will be able to give This some surprises at the made by Google event on the 15th 

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