Honor V30 official Release Date

Honor V30 is launching It has been confirmed to be coming on the 26th of November and there are some big changes in this phone that we're getting. So we've had a study trickle of rumors regarding both the honor V30 and the Wane over six if you're a friend and you'll know that even though these two phones are released under the two separate while a Brands they do share. A lot of Hardware in comments, the design of your honor v30 has been revealed by Huawei in these marketing renders and it does match previously leaked images earlier. We did get a picture of a real device, but it wasn't confirmed if it was the honor v30 the qilin over 6. Well now it looks like both phones will indeed feature the same design with a duel. He'll punch cut out on the top left hand. The phone over six renders were leaked showing the design and we can see that the official honor V30 renders show exactly the same design initially. It was rumored that there would be OLED screens for the honor V30 at least for the pro model. But now that looks unlikely everything we've got points to the fact that while they will be using LCD screens in both of these fights.Why would this happen for a few reasons firstly Samsung have been keeping the OLED cutout display design for themselves this year and I've only just started releasing that design to third-party Brands. We are starting to see that design come for With the Vivo S5 which will be released very soon. However, it looks like well where you have kept to the LCD display, which means that the display units are probably coming from their screen supply of BOE, but that's just a guess on my part LCD screens are for short cheaper than OLED and it may be a way that they can keep the costs down considering on The  honor v30 Range. Both models will have 5 G 9t hurts refresh rate has also been rumored for the phones which would make it quite unique. Unique in that respect being an LCD screen smartphone with a 90s refresh rate that would certainly make the fans more desirable. Nothing concrete on that.

Honor V30 Series From China 
 So let's read this space the marketing materials from China do suggest an honor V30 series. That means we are confirmed to get more than one phone. However, honor have already confirmed that all models in the range will be getting 5 G and using the curing 990 chipset 40-watt fast charging has also been confirmed from various sources
 including registry information Shannon bringing that spece up in line with the flagships from Huawei and over the last few days. Our trademark has come to light called camera Matrix . This was registered by Huawei with the intention of possibly using it for the mate 30 series. However, it looks like they settled on using that trademark for the honor V30 and this has been confirmed officially by Huawei using that term in some materials from China as for the camera specs again, not confirmed but a 60 megapixel main camera unit has been set for the device which would be an upgrade and the change from the previous version.

Honor V30 Design It's Cool 
 There have been two different types of leaks about the honorable. That see the first features a rectangular design on the top left back side of the phone a second type of leak features a circular design in the middle much like we see on the Huawei P30 Pro. I personally learn much more towards the rectangular design while they don't need to borrow too many design aspects from their Flagship phones. So early after the release and the rectangular design does fit in much more with other designs that we're seeing from other brands right now

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