Top 6 Upcoming Mid-Range Smartphones

No1 Vivo X30 The Killer device

 at the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020. The Vivo x30 is coming very soon. This is the latest flagship phone from Vivo. This will be using an exynos chip set from Samsung the exynos 980. This is actually known as a mid-range chipset from Samsung. Although is quite powerful, 

but the important feature is that it has integrated 5G if we were left in any doubt that 5G is going To be one of the biggest factors in smartphones going into 2020 then be very sure that Flagship and mid-range phones are pretty much all going to carry 5G in the coming months. We got some link boxes and information about the phone and it looks to be carrying on the bezel is trend for Vivo up are planning to be one of the first manufacturers to use the new mid-range chipsets from Snapdragon that have an integrated 5G modem. The main selling point of these phones is that they are going to be cheap at least for 5 G phones that we bring. 5T to the mid-range with finds the cost in the region of about four hundred US Dollars. Nothing much else is known about these phones in terms of the setup for what we do know is that I'll be using the new 7 series chipsets from Snapdragon moving into about March. Next year in 2020 will be getting  

No.2 Oneplus   1+ 8 1+8 Pro  

next year in 2020 will be getting the 1 + 8 + 1 + a pro the OnePlus range will again feature 5G as standards the design of both the 1 plus 8 and the 1 plus 8 Pro looks to be already determined and has already been leaked the 1 + 8 Pro will ditch the pop-up camera and return to a design with a cutout display. It's cheaper to manufacture. It makes the phone smaller and lighter. There are just less problems without those mechanisms for the pop-up. It also leaves more space inside for internal components such as bigger camera units and the 5 G integrated chipset expect 90 hurts, but I curved displays like we saw on this is models improved camera hardware and the ditching of that forty eight megapixel sensor from Sony the integration of faster charging speed using one of the Oppo Technologies for me the thing that Oppo need to give us in Next year's one plus eight models is wireless charging. The OnePlus brand is not a Flagship killer brand anymore. It is an affordable Flagship brand and so we should be more critical of the devices that leave out those Flagship type components

No.3 Xiaomi Cc9 Pro 

. Xiaomi  are about to release the xiaomi cc9 pro or the xiaomi me. No 10 as it will be called outside of China. This is you know, probl pack in a lot of brand new hardware for xiaomi. This is the first time we are seeing a pen sir camera system. Yes, that is five cameras in a chamois smartphone. It features that brand-new 100 8 megapixel camera sensor developed for xiaomi in Conjunction with Samsung. It also features a curved OLED display and apparently will be using a mid-range 7:30 or 7:30 G Snapdragon chipset. We can see at least the one hundred eight megapixel main sensor or possibly the entire Penta camera setup moves over to the Meathead. One of the main differences will definitely be the inclusion of snapdragons latest chipset if it carries on like last year. Xiaomi will be one of the first mainstream manufacturers to feature. Snapdragons brand new flagship ships are coming in 2019. However is the 

No.4 Xiaomi Me Mix Alpha 

xiaomi me mix Alpha before the end of the year this roughly 3,000 US dollar smartphone will actually go on sale in China at the moment. I haven't heard of any plans to start selling this product worldwide, but that may come in 2020. This phone had massive height when it was released and it features an incredible new design that we've not seen before where the screen actually just goes the entire way around the phone. 

It also uses that one hundred and eight megapixel camera sensor. And of course no selfie camera because you just don't need it. I went and saw one of the 15 or so display units around. Mainland China and it is an incredible looking phone out of the future, but certainly it's not going to be a mainstream phone for a very long time the rhythmic 8:30 the sequel to one of the most hyped phones 2019. We know for a fact that the red beak 8:30 will carry 5G and we also know for a fact That it will be ditching the pop-up camera and using a cutout hole punch display 

No.5 Redmi K20 

Redmi have confirmed they are working on this device, but they are yet to give us any information on a release date The K20 range used Snapdragon chipset 7:30 and the eight five five but there have been heavy rumors that redmi may change and news media te chipsets in the case 30 wrench mediatek have an upcoming 5G Flagship chipset the redmi might use it's based on some information about 

Supply chain Waters, but my personal opinion is that for a Flagship killer and the brand that the K series has built up. It does need to continue using the Snapdragon chipset. If it doesn't it may lose some of its appeal. That's just my opinion but redmi aren't going to listen to me. Anyway while they are about to really

No.6 Samsung Galaxy S11 

Samsung's new flagship phones. The S11 series confirms have three models in the range that s XI e there's 11 and the insulin plus all three models are getting brand-new chipsets the new Snapdragon. And of course the new X in US integrated 5G chips are a larger finger print sensor cutout has been tipped and the main Improvement on this phone line up is going to be the cameras with a bigger higher megapixel main camera and the inclusion of a periscope type zoom camera to bring it in line with Y always pee 30 and p 40 series. So the biggest releases coming up in the last two months between 19 and the first two months of 2020. Let me know which one you are looking forward to most subscribe for the latest tech news.


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